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Terms and Conditions

The Container wants all of its users to remember two things: HAVE FUN & DON’T LOSE COUNT! In the nature of having fun, things can get competitive. While we have spent countless hours creating the puzzles within The Container, we simply cannot guarantee perfection.



A puzzle contains a bowl filled with 2,126 cereal O’s. At some point after being counted,

and prior to being photographed, if even one piece of cereal breaks, the ‘total count’ can



Therefore, we want you to know that,


Owners of The Container take reasonable measures to provide accurate information related to

each puzzle. Containers depicted within the puzzles of this application, herein referred to as

‘The Container’, are filled with the actual items listed in the description of each puzzle.

Containers used for puzzles within The Container have not been altered in any manner. No

actions have been taken with the intention of affecting the accuracy of the puzzles themselves.


The manner of depiction of each puzzle is based on artistic intent. No puzzles, nor

the depiction of any puzzles, have been altered for the purpose of affecting the outcome to said

puzzles. Any alteration to the photos is done strictly for aesthetic purposes. We reserve the right to correct any errors, omissions, or other issues without notification to you.


By using The Container in any manner, you agree not to take any action against The Container,

its owners, officers, assignees, licensees, representatives, and all other related parties for

issues related to The Container. Under no circumstances will The Container, its owners,

officers, assignees, licensees, representatives, and all other related parties be held liable for the

content or accuracy of the puzzles, or the content included within The Container, in any manner, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions, or any losses or harm of any kind that is a

result of your use of The Container.


All materials and content within The Container are the exclusive property of the owners of The Container, including, but not limited to textual, pictorial, graphical, and artistic content.


All coding, designs, layouts, functionality, and selection and arrangement thereof are Copyright © the owners of The Container.


No material or content within The Container may be altered or used for any purpose, in any manner, without the express written consent of the owners of The Container. 

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