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An addictive new puzzle app now available on  iOs devices!

Put your estimation skills to the test in this wildly creative guess-how-many game.

Pot of Gold MAIN.jpg

How many coins in the pot of gold?

3F6A1293 Jelly Beans in a Jar-Edit SM pr

How many jelly beans

in the jar?

3F6A2765 Sticks in a Drum MAIN JB Select

How many "drumsticks"

are there?


Win Coins.  

Climb the Rankings.

• View multiple angles of each puzzle. Tap to enlarge photos.

• Use hints to see how close a practice guess is, what the container's measurements are, or the average guess of all players.

• No time limits to guess! Try several attempts if needed.  

• Guess within 10% of the total to win coins. Get closer for bigger rewards!

​• Play special Contest Puzzles; see how you rank against a global community.

Now available in  the App Store!

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